The Art and Science of S’mores

Does anyone know where the idea for the s’more came from? How about how it got its name? Did you know that there is an official 3-step process to making them? And where DID all those parts come from, anyway? I bet you want to know. I did. Yes, It’s all here, the classic ingredients, the history, the tips on mallow roasting and fire managing, and even–yes–an explanation of the Russian Matryoshka Mallow doll technique. You too, can be a master of the mallow and czar of sweet, sticky, melty campfire crackers. REI shares its tips and tricks of this delectable, historic treat.

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  1. Mick

    This is a terrific article, thanks!

    My sister Bobbi read about and tried a delightful way to eat s’mores. Place a toasted marshmallow between Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies with nutella hazelnut spread.

    This is a very good and delectable substitute for two graham crackers and chocolate bars.

  2. Randal Oulton

    The 1927 history is now known to be incorrect.

    “Reports that the recipe first appeared in the 1927 book called “Trailing and Tramping” are a bit mixed up. The 1927 book was called “Scouting for Girls”, and the recipe appeared in that book. There was also a 1930 printing of the book titled “Trailing and Tramping”, in which the recipe was printed again.”

    And in fact, s’mores are first mentioned in Iowa, in 1926: “Troop 8 hiked out on the Red Ball road Thursday and cooked their supper of angles on horseback (Ed. sic), dough boys, and some mores.” [1]

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