I Am Nerd: A Photographic Celebration of Nerdery

I Am A Nerd, a new series of playful images by freelance photographer Heather Landis, celebrates the inner and sometimes outer nerd in all of us. While the photographs do poke fun at a stereotypically lacking sense of fashion sense, the artists tender and respectful treatment of each individual actually comes across with a lot of heart. Where did she get the supply of her retro glasses? She says, “All of my models are comedians and/or actresses. So, they had collected them for roles.”

Heather Landis is a freelance photographer and high-end retoucher currently residing in Los Angeles. Her clients have includeded Interscope Records, Simon & Schuster, and EvanGolf. You can see more of her playful work on flickr or buy prints at Society6.com.

Source: the22magazine

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  1. What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yoresulf?

  2. terrysays:

    high end retoucher? as opposed to all the other schmucks out there using low end photoshop?

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