House Watch: Voyeuristic Pinhole Photographs

Like the stereotypically blinding light in an interrogation room, photographer Skott Chandler’s images look down upon rooms with a piercing and revealing gaze. Using a pinhole camera mounted on the ceiling, one only has to pull the string attached to the shutter for a wide angle image of the room to be captured. Chandlers motivation for the project in his own words:

“Humans have many levels of connection with their personal spaces. Narratives within these domestic spaces differ depending on the inhabitants and their activities that may be mundane, ambiguous, hilarious, absurd, or unsettling. The space within a house affects the inhabitants, and the inhabitants affect the space–an oddly intriguing phenomenon that proves difficult to visualize. Creating a photographic representation of such an abstract emotional experience was my motivation. The photographs take the perspective of an omniscient voyeur investigating the dynamics of space within a home. Ceiling mounted pinhole cameras cast an unflinching gaze upon the inhabitants and rooms within the walls; not to judge, but to witness.”


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