Dream Worlds Inspired by Childhood Memories Revealed On Canvas

Along with some magnificent dreams, Jacek Yerka finds inspiration for his masterful paintings from his childhood memories: the places, remembered feelings and smells of 1950’s Poland. He studied fine art and graphic design before becoming a full time artist in 1980… and we’re glad he did. His paintings will take you through incredible dream worlds of imagination, bending reality in captivating and clever ways fit to inspire a novel or film. See many more examples of his find paintings at yerkaland.com.

Dream Worlds


Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

Via: hypeness.com.br

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  • Amazing! I could go for a walk to any of the dream cities, especially to the third one! Love the precision of the painting of the building made of wooden boards. It all makes me feel like reading some fantasy story for kids 🙂

  • Layla

    These are beautiful, I love them. Remind me of a lighter version of some of Dali’s pieces!

  • Delilah

    these are so amazing, i can’t stop looking at them! love, love, love!

  • molly

    This is pure genuine imagination.

  • Superb. The swans in a maze is my favorite.

  • Halsey

    Inspiring. Makes me want to start painting again

  • Garrett

    These are all very beautiful! They remind me of Howl’s Moving Castle! 😀

  • Indira Mukhopadhyay

    Mind blowing,what an imagination,fantastic paintings.

  • JESUS H. CHRIST this is just absolutely stunning. You had to be high when you did this.

  • Pam Director

    You are truely gifted. Keep sharing your genious work of art!

  • Jessica Maroun

    no freackin waay! this is unbelievable. that is THE first time I look at something with a stupid smile on my face trying to find words and describe how i feel! A-MAZING 😀

  • Danielle

    this remind me alot of studio ghibli films

  • jimmy kennedy

    Very cool. Just like Salvador Dali.

  • wonders without borders … thank you.

  • amazing this person drawn my dream wow

  • Emily

    These pictures were really amazing! I wish I was creative enough to think up these kinds of things.

  • Prachi

    very nice!!!

  • Love this imagination! I really enjoy the bizarre.

  • Wooow that was fucking increible

  • roselie

    shit! i want that house in the fourth pic to be mine!

  • Terrific imagination shown in these images!!!!

  • ReneeJD

    These are truly inspiring works. Let the mind not be confined!

  • Mary

    Oh interesting! What a perfect imagination! A book of these and parents will have as many stories as its pages for their children!

  • bethewater

    The first one had me by the strings of my heart, I don’t remember the scenery beneath but I swear Ive floated on those rooftops.

  • There is something about the lights in the trees that is both spooky and inviting.

  • Simply Superb Artwork – Great Job!

  • outstanding
    i hav no words

  • My imagination is floating away… Amazing pictures…

  • Cornichon

    Oh man, that is just awesome. Your work is so surreal in a dream like fashion that I would really like to visit it. xD

  • Ola

    Great Creation!

  • riy

    very surreal!

  • aylin

    conguralations:) your works so great:)

  • Love seeing them ,I could walk through, to any of the dream cities.
    Wonderful fantasy cities, and great paintings !!

  • v.v.v. n.i.c.e

  • This is beautiful and imaginative. Amazing, you are truly gifted.

  • I love your dream worlds, mixture of mystery, cuteness, spookiness, funkiness, etc…..so interesting, and I want to know more about your dreams, haha

  • shahhlm

    this is wonderful.

  • BillyBilly

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful. These paintings remind me of the type of artwork one would find in children’s books. Full of imagination and wonder. They give me such a warm feeling inside.

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