The History Of English In 10 Minutes

Did you know that Shakespeare alone contributed more than 2000 new words to the English language? How about that the words cow, sheep and swine, come from English farmers while their culinary versions, beef, mutton and pork, come from French? With its many borrowed and newly invented words, the English language is one that continues to adapt to a changing world. This witty 10 minute animation (in 10 parts) looks at some of the diverse history surrounding the popular language.

The piece was created by The Open University, a distance learning school out of the UK.

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  1. Shae

    I may just be more of a linguistics and etymology nerd than the next fellow, but I was giggling through at least half of these. 😀

  2. Bryan

    I love that!
    A quite interesting thing (from a linguistic point of view anyway) about the introduction to the clips is the use of “The Open University, a distance learning school out of the UK.” In British English, you’d be very unlikely to hear that phrase: The OU is not “out of” the UK – it’s IN the UK! LOL.

  3. Dylan

    Loved the American English bit “Not English, but somewhere in the ballpark;” I’m capable of making fun of myself.

  4. Mart Pantz

    If there is a language as filled with fun as “english”, I’ve ne’er spoken it.
    Half is plain nonsense, the other is a joke, and I love almost every word of it.

    Well done, mate.

  5. Crowder

    Very informative and entertaining. Although, I think it would be great if you had a follow up explaining this whole thing about people saying “no” in place of “yes”. Or the combos; “yea, no…” and “no, yea…”.

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