US Atlas Shows How We Describe Ourselves

If there were one word to describe the area you live in, what would it be? New York based composer and visual artist R. Luke DuBois went to great lengths to get us the sometimes predictable, sometimes surprising answers.

Quirky Cartoons Re-Imagine Famous Websites

What would happen if we took the meanings behind some of our favorite websites really literally? You might end up with the quirky Moleskine sketches of Mattias Adolfsson. His big headed character features in much of his sketches which you can see on… and for something completely different, check out his Baroque re-imagining of Star Wars.

Papercraft Topo Maps As Modern Art

These simply beautiful papercut maps really caught our eye. Lacking the mass of details associated with most topo maps, artist Marnie Karger leaves just the contour lines of the land and a delicate range of hues to tell the story of the terrain. Each piece is hand cut and carefully layered out of acid-free cardstock. While many of her creations are famous locations, she has recently been creating custom pieces for clients of their favorite landscapes. Definitely check out her blog, for details on many other pieces and see her Etsy store for some real bargains on her well made art.

An EPA Secret Agenda & Tom Selleck’s Mustache

Christoph Niemann is the cartoonist behind the new series, “Abstract Sunday”, which appears in print and online for the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Niemann is familiar with paranoia and how it’s become an increasingly pesky aspect of today’s modern society. In this cartoon, Niemann discovers the sinister hidden agenda of the Environmental Protection Agency by deconstructing their logo.

Famous Pop Stars Painted With Digital Dots

Ben Heine, dynamic creator of the Pencil vs. Camera technique, has started another project that is equally captivating. His Digital Circlism series captures famous pop stars in what he describes as a cross between pointillism and pop-art. Each highly recognizable portrait takes a sizable 100-180 hours to complete as each circle of color is hand placed. Check out the last image for a peek at his labor intensive technique.

Clean Design = Recycling For A Better Future

We really like the clean design and presentation of this new full wall infographic created to inform UK youth about the benefits of recycling and the results of waste creation. The mix of appropriately reusable 2 meter high wood panels with the clean, futuristic graphics detailing facts about energy use really sets it apart. We like the idea of good design making a difference.

The Terrorist Takedown (Infographic)

The news of the year – that American forces had not only found but killed Osama bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in modern history – elicited a variety of responses from designers attempting to visually capture what, exactly, went down. This infographic is probably the most comprehensive yet, chronicling the entire process of how the our government coordinates its extraordinarily complex counterterrorism efforts. You might be surprised at how many different people – both in the public eye and behind the scenes – are involved.

How to Raise $10k to Build a School in 3 Hours

Taylor Conroy’s motto is “destroy normal,” so it’s no surprise that when he wanted to take fundraising to the next level, he invented a platform that would completely change the way people think of charity. His social micro-giving platform, found at, is designed to raise $10,000 to build a school in 3 hours. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and budding philanthropist recently did a Tedx talk on his new platform, which we’ve featured above.

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The Internet in the Future: Growth and Mobility

Four short years may not seem that far away, but considering how fast things are moving a lot will have changed. This beautifully rendered information graphic looks at what our internet world will look like in 2015. What is truly astounding about these predictions are not necessarily the technologies that will arise, but more the numbers of people that will be using them: Neo Labels, creators of this well made piece, predict more people will access the internet by mobile device than desktop or laptop by only 2014. Check out their 15 key conclusions at