Beer is Better if You Filter it Through AWESOME

What do you get when you process beer in a retro factory of pure awesomeness?! You get the best commercial we’ve seen in a long time. The campy piece, created for Australian beer Hahn Super Dry, is filled with early 80’s cliches all bouncing to the rhythm of the catchy Night Rider television theme.

Elementar: Good Fonts Across Platforms

When the crew from type foundry and design studio Typotheque set out to create a new series of digitally readable fonts, they broke free from the establishment and created a whole new font-family based around the little used parametric system. Their new series “Elementar” strives to solve the issues of using our standard highly detailed fonts (those defined by curves) on low-resolution pixilated screens such as computer monitors. Rather than trying to adapt printable fonts to the screen, their new system uses a collection of bitmap based fonts designed specifically for viewing on digital displays. Although the fonts are non-scalable and size-specific, the font-family includes thousands of pre-scaled glyphs which allow flexibility. The advantage of this system? With their low-tech approach customers are assured solid, stable typeface reproduction across platforms and devices.

To facilitate exploration and understanding of their new system Typotheque features an in depth browser based Font Explorer on their website which allows customers to adjust weight, height, width and style to their liking. We’re excited to see where this new take on typography takes us!

Growing New Dinosaurs From Chickens

Ever since he was a child, Jack Horner has been dreaming of two things: becoming a paleontologist and having a pet dinosaur. So far he’s accomplished one of those tasks and the other is the subject of this TED Talk.

Horner is fun and captivating in his account of the various experiments and discoveries along his rocky path toward creating one of the prehistoric behemoths. He then details the ways in which we are now studying chickens, distant relatives of dinosaurs, and what roll they will play in the process.

Snatch: The Movie Deconstructed

Have you ever watched a film so complex that even if it was super cool you couldn’t figure it out at the end? Well for those familiar with the movie Snatch, graphic artist David Andersson has done you a great favor by untangling this web of a movie.

The World, Seen from a Hula Hoop

What does the world look like from a hula hoops view? We uncovered these two fun GoPro based videos and as they are silent suggest that you play the song included below to spice em up. The videos where shot by youtuber nsaik. If you like this post you will also want to see Sword Swinging: Video From The Edge.

Visual Bits #63 > In A Pinch

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Imaginary Illustrations in Natural Inks

The fanciful illustrations of Scott Marr hold such detail in their organic appearance that only on close inspection do we see the hidden treasures in their sticks, leaves and feathers. Applying his colors to both wood and paper, Marr uses an array of natural mediums, from plane tree charcoal, to coriopsis flower wash and liquid chlorophyll. The combination of earthy tones and earthy subjects meet in harmony creating pieces as interesting as the outdoors itself. Make sure to watch the very interesting documentary at the bottom of this post (featuring Marr’s techniques for gathering and making his mediums); then see more of his excellent work at

Light and Sound in Norway

Light. Music. Norway.

In the middle of the night in Oslo, one is taken on a light journey in sync with the sounds of Norwegian band, Cold Mailman. The music video is creative and soothing, 3D projections of lighted rooms create sound bars, water drops and messages as the music moves throughout the city.

Stunning Perfection: Illustrations Seared in Wood

We think Jason Thielke’s laser cut illustrations are captivating in both their organic fluidity and their mathematical precision. Etching his carefully designed lines into painted wood panel, he uses overlapping loops, geometric patterns and negative space to merge his textured subjects with their abstract surroundings. See more of his work at or at his blog

Structuralism: The Art Of Rhythm

Peter Gabor is a French graphic designer, corporate identity consultant, lecturer, and teacher of typography and graphic arts. He’s the founder and manager of Typogabor, one of the most famous shops for typesetting in Paris between 73′ and 93′. Here Gabor takes a look inside one of his favorite books, Diagram Graphics, by Kazuo Abe and Fumihiko Nishioka — originally published in 1992 — to praise the design of the images, and to focus on the quality of the infographics and their representation.