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Current Artists Reinterpret Norman Rockwell

No art seems to have better represented the American good life than that of the iconic Norman Rockwell. Over thirty years after his death, his traditionally themed works still resonate with a huge audience of fans, warming peoples hearts with their down to earth home-cooked goodness. Now ISM in collaboration with Muckenthaler Cultural Center are bringing together contemporary reinterpretations of his work created by 40 current artists.

Nonsensical Infographics: Form Over Function

Well done infographics are something to educate, entertain, inspire and inform, but Chad Hagen’s ‘Nonsensical Infographics’ lean heavily on inspiration and still come out winning. His art pieces balance creative use of shape with meaningless annotation leaving viewers to wonder at their origin and meaning. You can see his other pieces, many further reinterpretations of our established symbology, at

Classic Cyclists in Profile

We really dig the tight cropped composition and sense of speed found in these illustrations by Italian designer Riccardo Guasco. Each design, created using just overlaid shapes and textures, features the profile of a classically attired cyclist in motion. See more of Guasco’s bicycle, volcano and whale filled works at

Skateboarding: Filmed From Every Angle

This might be one of the most creative uses of GoPro cameras yet. Fittingly titled ‘Extremities,’ skater Aryeh Kraus was covered with 5 of the tiny cameras, one per knee, one per arm and one on his head… and a bonus camera underneath his board. We’re pretty sure capturing kick-flips from multiple synced angles has never been done before… but we’re more sure this is utterly captivating. The video was directed and edited by the talented Eli Stonberg of music video fame, with the music track ‘Pure’ provided by Blackbird Blackbird.

Italy: A Colorful Land of Wine

Vinophiles: whether your favorite Italian type is a crisp classic Chianti or a young sparkling Lambrusco, you’ll find it on Antoine Corbineau’s tasty poster ‘Incomparabili Vini Italiani.’ The map charts everything from the countries varietals, regions and types into a playful and colorful format that would make almost anyone thirsty. The illustration was created for his ongoing project with Italian production and distribution group Carniato Europe.

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The Universe Cubed

This mesmerizing music video may bring back fond memories of the classic Eames directed Powers of Ten, only this time in a universe of cubes and a lot more edgy. A Cereal Spiller remix of Hooray for Earth’s ‘True Loves,’ this impressive piece of motion graphics was directed by Cyriak Harris. We highly recommend you check out Harris’ extensive portfolio and his blog.

Nike Ramps Up Their Social Media: Video Contest

Nike’s new ad campaign ‘The Chosen’ brings attention to a host of sports fields the company has long neglected. Their campaign launch video features some slick skateboarding, BMX, surfing and snowboarding, all filmed in the dark of night.

What truly sets this campaign apart, though, is it’s heavy reliance on social media by the large corporation. The campaign launch video (shown below) premiered 3 days before it’s traditional media air date during the NBA finals, clearly showing a significant investment by the company, financially and in focus, into the quickly growing social media market. More specifically it demonstrates one of the most recognizable brands in the world placing a higher value on new media than traditional media.

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