Papercraft Topo Maps As Modern Art

These simply beautiful papercut maps really caught our eye. Lacking the mass of details associated with most topo maps, artist Marnie Karger leaves just the contour lines of the land and a delicate range of hues to tell the story of the terrain. Each piece is hand cut and carefully layered out of acid-free cardstock. While many of her creations are famous locations, she has recently been creating custom pieces for clients of their favorite landscapes. Definitely check out her blog, for details on many other pieces and see her Etsy store for some real bargains on her well made art.

Above and below: the San Francisco Bay, USA

Below: White Bear Lake, Twin Cities, USA

Below: the island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Below: The Great Lakes, USA


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  1. Danielle E

    How odd to run across Crafterall accidentally on the internets. I just purchased one of these; she was by far the most engaging of vendors, as well as intricate. :) So glad you love her too!

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