Painted Blue: A Moroccan Cloud City

Located in the verdant mountains at the north-west end of the country, Chefchaouen, Morocco boasts intimate, wandering streets painted in multiple shades of bright blue. Russian photographer Maxim Kiryushin recently took a trip to the uniquely picturesque town, capturing daily life in the streets and on the goat covered slopes surrounding. As if to match it’s sky blue theme, clouds sometimes ring the city, giving it the appearance of floating. The town is so beautiful it now finds itself a fairly popular tourist destination… and no wonder, Kiryushin mentions that the hotel pictured at the bottom of this page cost only $5 (150 rubles) a night! See more of his excellent travel photography on Livejournal.

Tiny Floating Origami That Moves

Looking like tiny floating snowflakes, French artist Etienne Cliquet’s new work Flottille is a beautiful thing to behold. Using tissue thin pieces of paper, Cliquet cuts patterns into pieces only 2 or 3 centimeters across. He then carefully folds his creations and places then in a shallow dish of water. Technically the pieces react to the capillary action of the water, drawing the folded pieces down… but to the eyes, it’s pure magic.

Visual Bits #53 > Phone Home

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Digital Art: A Glimpse Into Tomorrow

Cristiano Siqueira has shared a glimpse into the future with his vector illustrations. Siqueira is from São Paulo, Brazil and has been a professional Illustrator since 2005. Siqueira has worked with Microsoft, Nike and MasterCard to name just a few big clients. You can see more of his work at

Music, Motion Collages And Holy Spirits

Designer Nathaniel Whitcomb has teamed up with Brooklyn, NY based band Holy Spirits to create a series of motion collages set to the bands music. Whitcomb uses images from 1970s-era National Geographic magazines to create his compositions. He began the partnership by sending one of his collages to Holy Spirits on an impulse; the band liked them so much they asked him to produce motion collages for every track off their new EP, The Afternoon’s Blood.

Res Sapiens – Lamps, Internet & Social Networks

Res Sapiens is a project authored by Pieke Bergmans and the Dutch design group LUSTlab. The Res Sapiens project merges the digital world with the physical, connecting them seamlessly and treating both as equals. It not only asks questions of us, but of itself as well. Res Sapiens refers to thinking physical objects (e.g. products and architecture) that surpass their visual representation and display their meaning, role and status in society.

Visual Bits #53 > Far, Far Away

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Google Makes Interactive Music Video for the Web

Chris Milk’s new music video for the song 3 Dreams of Black is a unique and immersive new way to experience our music. Made in collaboration with some folks from Google (its a Chrome Experiments project), the video uses WebGL to render 2D and 3D imagery in your WebGL capable browser… and it even allows you to control elements of the vibrant action.

Beautiful Fashion Photography That Moves

Although many fashion photographers strive for lifelike images, or at least a fantasy that looks real, photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphic artist Kevin Burg have teamed up and are truly helping breath new life into fashion photography. Using video clips taken by Beck’s well trained eye, Burg then stitches together a few select frames into a looping animated GIF — creating a scene caught in one beautiful instant. Be sure to swing by Jamie Beck’s excellent photography blog (and so much more) at and also Kevin Burg’s blog which is full of clever animation.

Journey Of The Fellowship: A Visualization

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is an epic undertaking in the fight for the Ring; the One Ring that rules them all. The Fellowship’s members were an unlikely mix of hobbits, men, an elf and a dwarf; who bravely undertook the perilous mission of traveling to Mordor — evil lair of Sauron — to cast the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom and be destroyed forever.

The brave members of the Fellowship faced insurmountable obstacles; Nazgûls, hordes of gruesome Orcs and battles of epic proportions. Graphic designer JT Fridsma chose to synthesize which characters are with each other, where they are geographically on a time line and to highlight major events in the plot along the way. Check out his amazing work below, and check out his website for prints, which he hopes to have available soon.