Sharks & Minnows: The Ad Agency Bloodline

Vitamin T has come up with a brilliantly fascinating and creative infographic about The Ad Agency Bloodline. The infographic provides information about “the mergers, acquisitions, and launches of some of the largest agencies in the world,” and features a detailed historical timeline of advertising.

Building The Supercomputer Brain

The beauty, power and diversity of the human brain is astounding, and Henry Markham — a neuroscientist at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, Switzerland — has assembled a team of nine top European scientists to aid in the research effort of building a computer model of the human brain. Markham believes this feat can be accomplished in a decade. The Human Brain Project aka ‘Team Frankenstein,’ is currently seeking a £1billion ($1.61 billion US) grant from the EU to aid in the project.

Light Sculptures Play With Shadow & Reflection

Over a lifetime of experimenting with glass and light, Sydney Cash has perfected the art of shadow and reflection. His “Light Sculptures” use shelves of mirrored glass to both reflect and shadow crisp patterns upon the surfaces surrounding. Check out the video of his latest work below (and the bonus video of his awesome work in the early 80’s), then swing by for the latest.

Beautiful Visualizations Rethink Our World

Michæl Paukner’s graphic design and illustration is the kind that doesn’t give it’s answers easily — and that’s what makes it so special. He often uses data visualization to communicate surprising, unseen facts about the world we live in and almost always with a creative re-envisioning of the way that data has been traditionally viewed.

A Stitch in Time: A Clock That Knits Scarves

What if every day that passed saw the objects in your life creating stylish things you want? This fantastic new clock by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen not only let’s you know what time it is, it also slowly weaves you a scarf. Each hour the clock forms one stitch, completing a round in a day and an entire 2 meter long scarf in a year. The hanging portion of the scarf visually displays the pasting of the year. Now if only someone would die the yarn to display the seasons and holidays in different colors!

3D Figures Painted With Colorful Drips

You’re first thought when handed some paint and plastic rods probably wouldn’t be making 3D figures, but that’s exactly what Chris Dorosz creates. Using just paint, carefully dripped onto thin plastic columns he makes surprisingly distinct figures with presence in their environment. While in the past Dorosz has focused on larger works, filling rooms with his pixel like dripped furniture, his latest project see’s him creating small figures only inches high. For more on this San Francisco based artist see

Affordable 3D Printing For Schools and Home

3D printers have been retailing at around $24,000, making them far too expensive for smaller architecture companies and design firms to purchase. Now, UK-based Bits from Bytes hopes to change all that with the development of their desktop sized 3D printer: the BFB 3000. With the advent of the BFB 3000, 3D printing has now become an affordable option — around $3,000!— for architects, designers, and inventors to showcase their prototypes and design concepts to clients in 3D.

If The World Were A Village of 100 People

Sometimes we can be caught up with what is directly around us, seeing only what is in our own microcosm. Sometimes, however, when we are clear of mind and take a step back, we see that the world is far different then we thought. Toby Ng Design has created a superb series of posters that cleverly help us get an overview of how the world really appears. The 20 poster collection, titled ‘The World of 100′ is available for purchase at

The Cockroach: The Best That Nature Has Done?

Have you ever wondered what the toughest creature on earth was? We’ve found it, and you don’t need to look further than the common cockroach. This entertaining bit of motion graphic work put together by Hungry Beast (ABC Australia) details the many surprising and exceptional qualities of this persistent and under appreciated insect.

Visual Bits #55 > Bubble

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