Wire Sculptures Look Like Computer Models

When one looks at the incredibly intricate sculptures of Shi Jindian, it’s hard to believe that they aren’t computer models. The meticulous Chinese artist searched for years for a medium that was “brand new, completely untraditional” and found what he was looking for in steel wire. Using tools of his own devising, he weaves together precise replicas of wheeled vehicles, here highlighted by his “Blue CJ 750″ (a Chiangjiang 750 motorcycle with sidecar) and “Beijing Jeep’s Shadow” (the chassis of a military vehicle). It’s a virtual reality you can reach out and touch.

What Do We Eat? Liberals vs. Conservatives

Ok liberals and conservatives, which would you prefer: a shot of wheatgrass or whiskey? This intriging graphic put together using the vast amount of cultural data collected by Hunch, the personalized recommendation site, looks at what self-described liberals and conservatives prefer to find on their plate. Do the cultural stereotypes about politics and food choices hold true? What about the people in the middle ground? Find it all out here, straight from the diners mouth:

Coming Soon: Interactive 360 Degree iPhone Video

Have you ever been filming an event, trying to capture all the amazing moments, only to find all of the magic happening outside the frame? Well, thankfully that problem will soon be part of the past. iPhone 4 users will soon be able to snap a small, pocket sized device called “Dot” onto their phone and take full 360 degree video. Immediately afterward that video can be viewed and navigated via an iPhone based app or computer based software. Kõgeto, a New York based company, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at producing the device which has already been enthusiastically funded by over 200 percent (obviously people want a Dot!). By “donating” $98 dollars to launch the new product, contributers get to be one of the first people to receive the very sweet device… and never miss a moment again.

Visual Bits #58 > Master of Suspense

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Putting a New Face on the Masterpieces

If Vincent Van Gogh where alive today, we think he would be proud to see his Starry Night on the face of Andy Alcala. The young artist has been painting representations of famous masterworks from his torso up for a while now and shows no sign of stopping. Can you imagine the patience required to paint these backwards in a mirror on your own face? Check out his flickr sets for more.

Pop Culture Distortion: Paintings From Santi Miko

Looking like a mix between street art and the distorted work of Salvador Dali, graphic designer Santi Miko paints bold acrylic figures. Exploding out of his paintings are pop culture icons, classic and modern art references and plenty of fantastically flexible women. See more of this Yogyakarta, Indonesia based artists work on flickr.

Choose Your World View: A Flowchart

If you’ve ever wondered just how to classify your world view or religion, this flow chart could help. Like a philosophical choose your own adventure (with eternity potentially at stake) this chart starts with the simple question – “Do you believe in God?”

While the graphic isn’t entirely unbiased and some of the conclusions have a decidedly Christian slant (it was created by FEVA Ministries, a Christian organization dedicated to visual arts), it does provide an interesting look at many of the decisions that lead to our view of the life beyond this one. Any philosophy majors care to weigh in?

Beautiful Cross Hatch Portraits

Putting cross-hatch shading and boldly illustrated lines to their best use, graphic designer and illustrator Andreas Preis draws gorgeous portraits and characters… and recently he’s even painted a guitar. Based in Germany, he has done work for clients from ESPN to Nike. See more of his superb work at designerpreis.com.

Tintin The Movie! Trailer Released by Spielberg

With the combined creative geniuses of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, the world famous and universally loved comic, The Adventures of Tintin is coming to the big screen this December in 3D. Get ready for one visually innovative film!

Tattoo Art Meets Graphic Design

No Sailor Jerry or unicorns here, the tattoo designs of Peter Aurisch have a distinctly designer look to them; so incredibly different than the standard ink on the street. His work melds both modern and reinterpreted classic themes, often combining intricate line drawing with carefully chosen overlapping layers of bold color. See more of his work (or book an appointment!) at peteraurisch.com.