Real Life Disney Princesses

It’s the childhood dream of many girls to become a Disney princess… and now photographer Ryan Astamendi is giving a few grown women the chance. His series of surprisingly accurate photographs puts models into pitch perfect costume, makeup and hair to create what looks like the movie screen come to life. As you will see in the photographs below, the models vary in their real-life likeness to the characters, proving that Astamendi is skillful at creating the look he desires.

Astamendi says of the sleeping beauty photo shoot, “I put between 30 and 40 hours of work into this, which seems to be the norm for these Disney character projects.” What really surprised him about the project? The models name was actually… Princess!

What’s next in the series? He’s currently finishing up work on Rapunzel. Be sure to check out his website RyPhoto for future updates or see the the book The Art of the Disney Princess which features his work. And one more thing: not every girl wants to be a princess… so we included Astamendi’s stunning rendition of the seductive Jessica Rabbit.

Yep, not every girl wants to be a princess… so here’s Astamendi’s imaginative rendition of seductive Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Up next for Astamendi? Rapunzel is in the works… and this model is unique: she actually works as Rapunzel at Disneyland!


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  1. gorgeous girls

  2. Beautiful!!!!!! i am speech less

  3. Clever photographs. All that hair must take a lot of looking after.

  4. Ariellesays:

    The model for Snow White looks like my identical twin! What is her name?

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