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A Stitch in Time: A Clock That Knits Scarves

Thursday 05.19.2011 , Posted by

What if every day that passed saw the objects in your life creating stylish things you want? This fantastic new clock by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen not only let’s you know what time it is, it also slowly weaves you a scarf. Each hour the clock forms one stitch, completing a round in a day and an entire 2 meter long scarf in a year. The hanging portion of the scarf visually displays the pasting of the year. Now if only someone would die the yarn to display the seasons and holidays in different colors!


Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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  1. Very unique and clever.. my only question is, what happens during daylight savings time?

  2. While it’s an interesting concept, a year for a scarf is an awfully long time. It’s more of an art piece than an actual clock.

  3. Very creative. I love it. How much?

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