If The World Were A Village of 100 People

Sometimes we can be caught up with what is directly around us, seeing only what is in our own microcosm. Sometimes, however, when we are clear of mind and take a step back, we see that the world is far different then we thought. Toby Ng Design has created a superb series of posters that cleverly help us get an overview of how the world really appears. The 20 poster collection, titled ‘The World of 100′ is available for purchase at toby-ng.com

Source: brainpickings.org

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  1. Just mesays:

    More people speak Portuguese than Arabic or Russian. Why it was left to “50 other languages”?

  2. Just mesays:

    I meant of course the box “50 speak other languages”… 😉

  3. Jarmosays:

    I am happy that I feel that I could fit in this group, and I am from Finland :)))

  4. In fact according to wikipedia Portuguese is 6th after arabic which has more then twice as many speakers…to be fair

  5. johnsonsays:

    this has to be wrong, over 1 billion people in the world have computers. the world is made up of 7 billion people, meaning over 14% of people in the world have a computer…

  6. billbosays:

    what is this about?

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