Affordable 3D Printing For Schools and Home

3D printers have been retailing at around $24,000, making them far too expensive for smaller architecture companies and design firms to purchase. Now, UK-based Bits from Bytes hopes to change all that with the development of their desktop sized 3D printer: the BFB 3000. With the advent of the BFB 3000, 3D printing has now become an affordable option — around $3,000!— for architects, designers, and inventors to showcase their prototypes and design concepts to clients in 3D.

Bits from Bytes has also developed the Rapman 3.1, which is a custom-designed kit for users to build at home. The cost of the kit is considerably less — $1,000 — and is perfect for schools, colleges or the 3D printing hobbyist. One great possibility for the at-home kit is to spark interest in design for students at an earlier age… or it could be used by the fledgling at-home designer to tinker with and refine their ideas. Check out both machines below, and the models they’ve created.

via: Bits from Bytes

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