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Painted Blue: A Moroccan Cloud City

May, 15 2011

Located in the verdant mountains at the north-west end of the country, Chefchaouen, Morocco boasts intimate, wandering streets painted in multiple shades of bright blue. Russian photographer Maxim Kiryushin recently took a trip to the uniquely picturesque town, capturing daily life in the streets and on the goat covered slopes surrounding. As if to match it’s sky blue theme, clouds sometimes ring the city, giving it the appearance of floating. The town is so beautiful it now finds itself a fairly popular tourist destination… and no wonder, Kiryushin mentions that the hotel pictured at the bottom of this page cost only $5 (150 rubles) a night! See more of his excellent travel photography on Livejournal.

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  • karen

    karen on May, 17 2011

    i luv the color blue — this is pretty!

  • Louise Oliver

    Louise Oliver on May, 19 2011

    Lovely blue cloud town! Brightened my day – thanks.

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