Res Sapiens – Lamps, Internet & Social Networks

Res Sapiens is a project authored by Pieke Bergmans and the Dutch design group LUSTlab. The Res Sapiens project merges the digital world with the physical, connecting them seamlessly and treating both as equals. It not only asks questions of us, but of itself as well. Res Sapiens refers to thinking physical objects (e.g. products and architecture) that surpass their visual representation and display their meaning, role and status in society.

The installation is comprised of 13 everyday lamps which use the energy of the internet to respond to data traffic and physically interact with their surroundings. The lamps communicate via their own social network, building a microcosm of things. They react to news headlines and twitter posts by identifying; negative, neutral, or positive key words. Then they move around and switch their lights on/off — on/positive, off/negative — according to these headlines and key words.

Lamp001/1 suggests new ways to interact with our information and how we might utilize these possibilities in our everyday lives. Connect with Lamp001/1 to begin a direct conversation on Twitter @ressapiens).

via: ResSapiens

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