Iraq War Casualties: Pixelated

Kamel Makhloufi created this simple yet stunning visualization of Iraq war casualties using just pixels to represent deaths. Looking like the defragmentation of a hard-drive, the image is split between a representation of casualties by volume (left) and one showing casualties over time (right). Casualty types are broken down into four different colors: blue represents “friendly,” green denotes “hosts,” orange “civilians” and grey “enemies.” Based upon data released by Wikileaks as reported by the Guardian, the sobering reproduction of the data speaks volumes and patterns begin to reveal themselves.

Questions that beg answering: Why have “civilian” casualties increased so profoundly since the beginning of the war, while “enemy” casualties have significantly declined? Considering the large number of “civilian” casualties compared to far fewer “enemy” casualties, was this action worth the cost?

Kamel Makhloufi is a Quebec based graphic designer, animator, maker and data lover. Swing by to see his other fascinating work.


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  1. Ryan

    The large civilian casualty is a direct result of the tactics of Terrorism. The warfare style of today’s enemy of democracy (terrorism), utilizes attacks on the civilian population (target of attack) to influence the human terrain to further their causes.

    Unfortunately, this leads to the image above… with an enormous non-combatant death toll.

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