Visual Bits #61 > Emotions

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Real Life Disney Princesses

It’s the childhood dream of many girls to become a Disney princess… and now photographer Ryan Astamendi is giving a few grown women the chance. His series of surprisingly accurate photographs puts models into pitch perfect costume, makeup and hair to create what looks like the movie screen come to life. As you will see in the photographs below, the models vary in their real-life likeness to the characters, proving that Astamendi is skillful at creating the look he desires.

Painting Beauty With A Splash Of Color

Celebrating the female form in pencil and vibrant splashes of watercolor, Barcelona based artist Conrad Roset’s intimate artworks express bold sensuality and beauty. He has recently released a video of his process creating the piece displayed above, showing his deft skill at freehand drawing and his spontanious yet perfectly chosen application of color.

Inventor of the Digital Camera: An Interview

A few weeks before President Obama awarded him the National Medal of Technology Steven Sasson sat down for an interview with David Friedman. Recorded at the Kodak headquarters, it is quite interesting to hear Sassons reasoning behind picking only 30 pictures as the maximum capacity for the camera and his prediction that in 15 to 20 years the new technology would start to effect the consumer photography market; he was pretty close to spot on.

Visual Bits #60 > Forrest Gumbi

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Animated Madness: Dog With Electric Collar

A small dog with a big bark is locked away in the city, with only a small window to the busy outside world… and what a crazy world he sees. All things go awry in this politically incorrect short animation by Steve Baker and hilarity quickly ensues. Winner of an AFI Best Short Animation award, be sure to see more of his work at

These Faces Tell A Story: Clever Movie Covers

Israel-born designer Noma Bar is well known for his minimalist pictograms and has recently been commissioned to create a set of 10 intriguing covers for Sony Pictures Classic DVD’s. In each design the story is told through the faces of the movies stars, cleverly integrating elements of the plot into their features. Bar says, “I am after the maximum communication with minimum elements” and here we think he’s definitely lived up to his word. Now based in London, you can find more of his work at

Life Sized Pin-Art in Fashionable London

Super stylish British fashion designer Lulu Guinness thinks you should be a pin-up. She recently commissioned a full body pin art installation beneath London’s historic St. John’s Gate. Passer by can’t help but leave their mark in the interactive piece of art… and from the look of these pictures Londoners are fashionable and fun!

Visual Bits #59 > Apple?

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WTF? Posters Highlight The Unexpected

Argentina based design studio Minga, recently produced this series of superb minimalist posters, each featuring those not so small and very unexpected events in life. The simple posters don’t leave out too much… you can easily imagine the look on the featured characters face; and if you’re confused about the meaning of “WTF”… it’s apparently what you utter just before you die…