Visual Bits #37 > Drawing on Nature

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New Themes for Mid-Century Graphics

Scotty Reifsnyder is a powerhouse of a young designer. His mid-century themed creations have a level of well thought out detail not often seen in this time of trending minimalism. His pieces rework old themes and add modern subjects while retaining a welcome familiarity. The world has taken notice and as Scotty has spent 3 years working for Headcase Design he has produced pieces for the likes of GQ, Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, The New Yorker, The New York Times and Wired. See his impressive portfolio at

Super Hip Sun Drenched Retro Photography

Recalling the sunny, fun filled counter culture days of the early 70’s, these inspired photographs by Neil Krug look like they could have been taken in Laurel Canyon while playing dress up with Joni Mitchell. Part of Krug’s recently released Pulp Art Book Volume One, the retro images featuring model Joni Harbeck (recently married to Krug) were made using Polaroid film far past it’s expiration date. The old film lends a washed out, grainy effect reminiscent of those nostalgic vinyl album covers begging for a new listen. The book is split up into 12 vignettes, highlighting subjects from the struggles of a housewife to spaghetti western flashbacks and a Bonny and Clyde revival.

Next up from Krug? He will soon be releasing a music video for artist White Heat’s track Children of the Light, featuring his oh so tasty style. Find the trailer for the video at the bottom of this post.

Visual Bits #36 > Black & White & Color

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Intricately Patterned Animal Illustrations

It would be hard to tell from these strikingly detailed animals but artist Iain Macarthur got his start drawing cartoon characters. Now he carries his sketchbook on the bus, to the cafe and everywhere else as he includes more realism and in this case pattern in his illustrations. See more of his animals (and even some cartoons) at

Visual Bits #35 > No Helvetica For You

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Hyperphotos: Explore Art With Astounding Detail

French photographer and digital artist Jean Francois Rauzier creates fantastically huge images that only reveal their true detail when viewers dive in, explore and linger. Dubbed “Hyperphoto’s“, a term he coined, each image is composed of hundreds, if not thousands of individual photographs. Rauzier collects images using a telephoto lens, sometimes from a single vantage point, then spends countless hours methodically stitching them together until it is impossible to tell one image from another. His patient work sometimes captures reality, but more often he imagines surreal worlds, creating landscapes that seem to repeat into a dreamlike infinity.

Chinese Artist Detained. Here is His TED Film.

Last months TED conference featured a moving film about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei highlighting his treatment by the government, social change, the power of social media and Weiwei’s hopes for the future of China. Now he has been detained by authorities which has prompted concern from TED HQ and the global community.

Thursday Love: In the Not So Distant Future

In a not so distant future filled with blackbirds, a loving couple does battle with an daily urban jungle of mobile phones and electronic palm readers. The heavily textured animation makes quick, and visually smart transitions based upon shape and pattern, making scenes seamlessly merge one into another. Directed by Matthias Hoegg at the Royal College of Art in London, the film was nominated for a BAFTA in Short Animation.

Visual Bits #34 > Let’s Sing Our ABC’s

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