Pedestrian’s Guide to the USA

Shaun Sanders is at it again with his infographs. This pedestrian guide will give you a good laugh and may even help you out on your travels. If you like this you might want to check out this original Visual News piece.

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Protesting Graffiti Artist Killed in Libya

Kais al-Hilali was an artist who lived to fight with his brushes and paints, eschewing Libya’s weapons and bloodshed in favor of the satirical anti-Gaddafi graffiti and caricatures that he daubed across Benghazi’s walls. Here we recount the tragic loss of this brave artist:

Interactive Journalism: Putting You In The War

Since the dawn of photojournalism in the mid 19th century and then with the advent of video journalism, observers have been confined to viewing the single perspective originally captured by the photographer. Enter Condition One, an immersive, interactive way to capture and replay journalism footage. The days of one viewpoint are numbered.

How Close Are We To Nuclear Plants in the USA?

With the recent radioactive leakage from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, many are wondering what a similar situation would look like in the US. The 65 operating nuclear plants in the country, with their 104 reactors, place tens of millions of people within close proximity of such plants. For an interactive map of the US and to see which power plants are closest to your area, see Zeit Online.

Visual Bits #38 > Dis-Conformity

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A Taste of Central Spain

Central Spain is a stark and desolate landscape of wheat farms and wind. It was in this land that the mythical Don Quixote and his trusty sidekick Sancho Pans fought windmills and here that the Romans, the Moors and the Goths each left their mark.

Over a 5 day stay, Vimeo user Ben created this excellent time lapse film of the landscape and the remains of it’s multicultural history. He used a home built dolly to create pan shots and added an HDR effect in post production. The results are beautiful.

How Much Do We Spend On Food?

In these days of credit cards, debit cards, multiple bank accounts and a multitude of other money options, it can be pretty tough to figure out where all your money is going. Mint will not only track and total all your accounts instantly, while conveniently displaying the info on a single web page or your smart phone, but it also allows you to break down your spending into it’s exact type. You can set budgets and warnings for each category, from gasoline to fast food. After last months restaurant blowout, yours truly is eating healthier and shopping smarter.

This motion graphic utilizes aggregated (and anonymous) data based on the average Mint user’s spending on coffee, fast food, groceries, restaurants and alcohol.

China Before the Rule of Mao Zedong

Men Laden With Tea, Sichuan Sheng, China [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

This superb collection of vintage photographs from China capture a spectacular land of diversity filled with wealthy merchants, beggars in poverty and fantastic architecture before tourists. Taken between 1870 and 1946, each image was restored to it’s original condition by Ralph Repo on flickr.

The Beauty of Maps: A Documentary

Here we bring you the 4 part BBC series, The Beauty of Maps. Released almost a year ago the documentary takes us through the staggering four million map collection of the British Library in London.

Through the ages the story of the worlds landscape and population has been told through the creative and colorful use of maps. Often that tale has been destorted or idealized by the map maker, adding layers of history and revealing the society behind the maps making. Some examples are simply informational, the layout of streets and their names… others are highly beautiful, displaying a careful hand and creative mind. This is a story that will take you through time and around the world.