Political Assassinations in the 21st Century

Assassination is defined as “murdering a usually prominent person by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons.” As this graphic clearly shows, the dawning 21st century is hardly immune from this violent means of influence, tactics being everything from gun violence to radioactive poisoning. Illustrating some notable murders since the year 2000, this map also highlights countries that have seen political assassination as an annual event.
Infographic by Column Five for Good.is

Nuclear Anxiety: Visualized in Real Time

With the situation in Japan just barely under control at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, anxiety around the world about nuclear power is at elevated levels and the public continues to express their concern. This world map visualization displays the location of nuclear power plants on the globe while automatically updating with the latest “nuclear” mentioning Tweets from a number of different languages. The graphic was created by Art is Open Source, a digitally minded network dedicated to spreading artistic, creative and critical practices.

Crying Never Looked So Good

SuprNova has made a web series called The Infographics Show. Here we highlight one of their well made episodes which breaks down the process of crying into three concise types. Next time you cry you can console yourself with the fact that you know why.

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Put On Your Imagination Helmet

Australian artist Benjamin F. Guy has a recent set of oil paintings called HELM which capture just what it is to be a kid. Each painting features a child wearing an over-sized helmet from a popular anime, sci-fi or comics character. Check out Benjamin’s blog where he shows you the process of sketching his paintings.

Disassembled To The Last Screw

Todd McLellan says he got his start finger painting in kindergarten and things haven’t changed much: he’s still doing things kids love to do. His newest work, Disassembly, finds him taking apart old typewriters, push mowers and cameras down to the smallest screw, then carefully arranging all the parts and photographing them. He also creates complex exploded views of the objects with each piece hanging suspended in space. Next time little Johnny takes apart the DVD player, you’ll now know what to do.

Comedians as Comic Book Superheroes

Old Red Jalopy has turned some of the most iconic and long lasting figures in American comedic film and television into the stars of their own faux comic books. Along with the crew over at Next Movie, they have been working on the series as part of their comedian-centric features in support of the first annual Comedy Awards (which aired on April 10th 2011).

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The Space Shuttle: Narrated by William Shatner

Fittingly narrated by William Shatner, NASA released a short film today documenting the spectacular history of the Space Shuttle. The 14 minute video describes the vehicles unlikely birth in “unsettled times” and takes us through it’s initial development. We then turn to the momentous amount of preparation required for each shuttle flight, focusing on the orbiter Endeavor’s upcomming final mission. Slated for retirement in June 2011, the video acts as a fond farewell to the famed Shuttle program which has now operated for over 30 years.

Life Expectancy & Retirement Years Worldwide

Just how long do people in your country live and how long do they take for retirement? Life expectancy varies from country to country as does the length we reserve towards the end. This side by side comparison reveals that Austrians can expect many free twilight years, while many Mexicans are getting none.