Pencil Portraits Bring Celebrities to Life

Randy Atwood makes picture perfect drawings of his favorite celebrities with detail that could jump off the page. Working most frequently with graphite pencil, this 21 year old is offering a great low price for commissioned works on 11 by 14 paper. Is it time for your own celebrity treatment?

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Infographics In Music Videos

Music videos have been an integral part of the music industry since they rose to prominence in the 80s, and the popularity of music videos on the internet continues to make them fashionable today. Some of the techniques filmmakers use include: live action, animation, documentary, and abstract film. The blending of these various styles have turned the music video into an art form — with infographics becoming another popular tool filmmakers can use to achieve their desired results.

Around the World in a Fire Engine.

Many kids have dreams of being firemen. Most don’t have dreams of driving a fire engine around the world, but Steve Moore had that dream and just made it a reality. So what is the drive behind a project like this?  After his father fell ill with lung cancer, Steve wanted to do something to honor him while trying to fight this terrible disease. As the fire chief of Steve’s home town, his father was proud to learn of the journey while he was still alive and fighting his illness. He passed away before the journey began, but

In Remembrance: Photojournalists Killed in Libya

The photography and film world sadly lost two of their own on Wednesday. Oscar-nominated war-film director Tim Hetherington and second-prize winning photojournalist Chris Hondros both lost their lives while covering a battle between Libyan government forces and rebel fighters in the city of Misrata.

Let The Machine Do The Drawing

Core77 brings us the DrawingMachine by Eske Rex. Not only are the drawings hypnotic but the sound and movements of the Drawing Machine can put you in a trance. The drawings stand 8′ 11″ x 8′ 11″ (272 cm x 272 cm) and the machine uses ballpoint pens to do it’s work.

Water Changes Everything

Charity Water reminds us in this motion graphic that a billion people live without clean drinking water. For most of us it takes only a few seconds to get water, but for some it takes a 3 hour walk in harsh conditions to get even marginally potable water. The daily struggle to obtain water keeps many people occupied during time that could be spent working, learning or interacting with family.

Syd Mead And The Playboy Land Yacht

The swinging 60s stoked the fire for Hugh Hefner’s bathrobe and tobacco pipe aesthetic. The 70s witnessed the ascension of Playboy to the zenith of popular culture, and Hefner became the envy of every red blooded American male; beautiful women, wild all-night parties, and a lenient attitude toward drugs. The magazine came to represent the culture of the 70s, with Hefner branding himself as a bon vivant and man about town. If Playboy became Hefner’s platform for promoting his hedonistic lifestyle, then the design of the Playboy Land Yacht was his chariot.

Home-Made Visualization Toolkit: Data in the Wild

Are you a designer away from your MacBook? Do you steal pens and napkins to draw pie charts? Next time you find yourself in the wild and far from Illustrator you should definitely pack one of these genius kits. Looking like a designers DIY Happy Meal this “Home-Made Visualization Toolkit” by Jose Duarte will have you comparing stats in no time.

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