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Interactive Journalism: Putting You In The War

Monday 04.11.2011 , Posted by

Since the dawn of photojournalism in the mid 19th century and then with the advent of video journalism, observers have been confined to viewing the single perspective originally captured by the photographer. Enter Condition One, an immersive, interactive way to capture and replay journalism footage. The days of one viewpoint are numbered.

Using a custom panoramic video camera, journalism footage will be available through an in development application for the iPad. Users will be able to pan and zoom, viewing events from any angle they wish, while journalists will be freed of the constant pressure to point the camera in exactly the right direction. No word yet on pricing for the app, but the release date is slated for mid 2011.

Danfung Dennis, seasoned war documentarian and founder of Condition One told Time Magazine the new app “will shake viewers out of their numbness to traditional media and provide them a powerful emotional experience. Instead of opening a window to glimpse another world, we are attempting to bring the viewer into that world as an active participant.”

Keep up to date on the exciting project at or on their facebook page.

Below: Footage taken in Libya, March 2011. Viewer discretion advised: strong language in video.

Benjamin Starr

Written by Benjamin Starr

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