Slow Motion Dancing for Japan

This completely mesmerizing dance video was created by the music/dance group World Order which is led by former martial artist Genki Sudo. Intended as a message of hope, you can find Genki Sudo’s message to the Japanese and the world in these trying times below the video.

“The unprecedented disasters unfolding in Japan; earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear explosions, will somehow change things to come. And to send my message about this, I have expressed it here with WORLD ORDER. These disasters can be interpreted as a turning point for civilization. I think that we have arrived at a time of revolution, shared with all the people of the world, in today’s society, economy, and political systems. Incidents themselves are neutral. I believe that every single one of us, wandering through this deep darkness, can overcome anything, if only we let go of our fear, and face the it all in a positive light. The world is not going to change. Each one of us will change. And if we do, then yes, the world will be changed. It is darkest right before the dawn. Let’s all rise up to welcome the morning that will be so very bright for mankind.


Genki Sudo

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  1. Veronicasays:

    This is nuts.

  2. nice find — thanks!

  3. Khob khoon mak mak krb – Thank you very much!

  4. Really nice and amazing, can i get the contact details of this troop.

  5. Eedensays:

    That’s just amazing… wow.

  6. Men at the top of their game. Kudos

  7. Reese Mitchellsays:

    Looks a lot like radiation sickness to me. Just sayin’

  8. How can I make a living traveling and having adventures all over like you??

  9. R.A.says:


  10. Andrew Gastsays:

    Women are no longer the only ones who can do beautiful things.

    Seriously, while watching this video, I felt like if I blinked I would miss the most amazing things. Thank you so much for this.

  11. Leland Rsays:


  12. Awesome Art!


  13. Woahsays:

    This guy fought in a couple UFC events waaaaaay back in the day.

  14. Paul Newtonsays:

    I loved this!!

  15. mikesays:

    terrible ripoff of owl city

  16. Inspiring!

  17. Mike-N-TNsays:

    My response to Genki Sudo is that the world most certainly will change and it is imperative that, as individuals, we do not relinquish our sovereignty.
    You have sadly submitted your mind and soul to nothingness. I will not submit.

  18. Artsays:

    Very cool!

  19. Jovansays:

    Not only does the dancing blow my mind but the song makes me want to go for a joy ride wit my gal and my right hand man (in other words was all around awesomeness)

  20. Qingbosays:

    very nice~!

  21. Awesome post.Thanks for sharing.Please be in touch with us.

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