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Art Knows No Boundaries

Huang Guofu from Chongqing, China lost his arms because of an electrical shock at the age of 4

, but that didn’t stop him from drawing. At age 12 he started to learn how to paint with his mouth and feet.

“God might have closed my door. But my window was left open, allowing me to make a living and even feel happy and content. I’d say I still appreciate what God has given me.” Huang Guofu

Are All Size 8’s The Same? Dress Sizes Demystified

Shopping for clothing can be an utterly baffling experience… especially for women who ever since “off-the-rack” clothing have been forced to put up with a single digit sizing system. While you might be a size 8 in one store you very well could be a size 4 somewhere else. Adding to the confusion different brands use different figures, so a size 4 from one maker may be the same as another… except in the hips. This handy graphic from The New York Times may help to quell some of the confusion, and who knows, maybe it will make that pile of clothes you take to the changing room a little smaller.

R2-D2 Deconstructed

Kevin Tong made a schematic of R2D2 which allows you to see the inner workings of the beloved robot. The posters are sold out but we were able to dig up one on Ebay. Tong also made a video of the process which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Tragedy & Science Turned Into Art

On the 5th of August 1993, convicted murderer Joseph Paul Jernigan was put to death in Texas. Before his execution he agreed to give his body to science where it was later segmented, millimeter by millimeter, and photographed for medical research. Part of the Visible Human Project, the resulting 1,871 slices where transformed into a video journey through the body. In 2011, Project 12:31 (named after the time of death) put Jernigan’s body back together again in this haunting and controversial photo series.

Using a laptop computer playing the video against a dark nighttime backdrop an assistant smoothly moved the screen through space as scenes were captured using long-exposure photography. In effect the body was extruded out of the computer screen, using the changing image as a dynamic light paintbrush.

Once again the body of Joseph Paul Jernigan found it’s 3D form in the real world. Fitting of their subject matter, the images are ghostly and surreal.

Infographics On The Big Screen

Movies are the vanguard of integrating the newest design technologies into the film making process. These new technologies take movie making to new heights, and continually push the envelope in creating the best experience imaginable for audiences: infographics are one of these techniques.

Add Local Expertise With Google Map Maker: USA

Google Maps has come to be an extraordinary tool for people to use in their search for locations, and as a route planner for traveling by car, public transportation, and on foot. Google Maps uses satellite images to show street level information and terrain but there hasn’t been highly detailed information about the ever changing landscapes of actual neighborhoods… until Google Map Maker.

Paris vs. New York: A Poster Comparison

Vahram Muratyan lives in Paris and is obsessed with New York. His bold posters playfully compare, bagels to baggetts, Amelie to Carrie, the Big Apple with the City of Lights, drawing out many of the small but iconic attributes that make these famous cities shine. His side by side comparisons beg the question: where would you rather call home?

Muratyan is an art director and graphic designer, co-founder of Viiiz and the mastermind behind Paris vs. New York. You can purchase prints of his work through

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Memorable Movies: Piece by Piece

These five posters buck the minimalist poster trend that has been all around the net lately. Rather than simplify all the details, Emma Butler takes the plot and puts in all the important pieces: