Good Times at South by Southwest

Brian Solis is surrounded.

Hot off the press from sunny South by Southwest, we thought we’d share some fun shots from the event taken by our friend Kris Krug. If you’re a fan of the internet/film/music world (and who isn’t?), you’ll find some crisp pictures of those well known faces you’ve seen around the web doing what they do best… having a blast.

Kris Krüg is founder of Static Photography, an all encompassing photographic service that captures everything from models to architecture. See more of his prolific work on flickr.

Strange Creatures With A Hypnotic Flow

This mesmerizing new animation, “Orpheus’ Pony,” is hard to peel your eyes away from. Melting, flowing, black and white images meld into one another creating both geometric shapes and organic figures. Imagined by a collaboration between 3 artists the piece was first created by Michael Fragstein who animated it frame by frame. Then using what she saw for inspration, spoke word master Lisa Tuyala wrote captivating words and Marc Fragstein equally grabbing beats. Much like the myth of Orpheus, this animation is hard to take your ears or even eyes away from… we’ve been playing it on repeat.

Visual Bits #23 > Radio. Head.

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eBooks are Easier: Bookmaking in 1947

This vintage footage shows the process of printing a book the old fashioned way, with lots and lots of labor. The number of steps to create a book in 1947 is jaw dropping. Typesetting, copper plate making, printing, cutting, sewing, gluing and more were all part of the process, providing jobs for a large staff of skilled workers… and some that clearly want to cut their fingers off (see the guy using the table saw at 4:20). The sheer about of labor involved in this past era makes us question what caries more importance: jobs or the convenience of the modern eBook?

A First: Interactive Film with Augmented Reality

As part of a relaunch for Germany’s Universal 13, a revolutionary new film, The Witness, has been created in which you play an interactive, traveling roll. Using augmented reality on an iPhone, participants begin their adventure by witnessing a kidnapping by the Russian mafia. It’s then their job to track down the victim, finding clues, communicating with other participants and viewing other scenes on location around the city of Berlin. Much like a real life Choose Your Own Adventure, participants can both save the day or become the next victim themselves.

Visual Bits #22 > Have a Bite of Internet

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Created Equal: Juxtapozed Portraits from 48 States

Homeless Man / Real Estate Developer, 2002 / 2005

Mark Laita says that the gap between the rich and poor, the conservatives and liberals and even the good and the evil of America is growing. These images from his excellent book, “Created Equal,” show that regardless of how different we may be in this world, how ever much the test of time has molded us into whatever we have become, we are still individuals worth respect and dignity.

Laita photographed his subjects over an 8 year period, visiting 48 U.S. states.

Stacks of Money Turned Into 3D Carvings

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell is a man of many, varied talents: recently he has been laser cutting tall stacks of dollar bills into delicate three dimensional carvings. His piles of currency feature many of the traditional tattoo symbols we are accustom to: skulls, religious art, guns, roses. Other pieces have adeptly cut script with sayings like “Thank you, Jesus” and “The Thrill is Gone.” Only adding to the raw nature of his work: it’s technically illegal to destroy or deface currency.

A Poster Call to Action: Help Japan

James White at

With the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan just days past artists and designers around the world are quickly putting their skills to work bringing attention to the important mission of caring for the people of the stricken country. Using the Rising Sun as their cue these posters are both beautiful and moving. Let’s all do our part and help this beautiful country get back on it’s feet!

Make a Crazy Video, Win a Private Island Stay

If only airline safety brochures were as fun and entertaining as this one… and if they had in-air competitions it would be even better! This contest put on by the seriously speedy flight search site Hipmunk (we love it) and travel accomodation site Airbnb, challenges you to share your best crazy video using phone app, SocialCam. The reward? A week long trip to your own, palm tree lined, private island paradise in Fiji!