The Gettysburg Address in Motion

This moving example of motion graphics revisits one of the best known speeches in United States history, the Gettysburg Address. Coming after a decisive turning point in the American Civil War (in which the North took superiority) the speech is now considered one of the finest examples of oration in history. Abraham Lincoln was able to summarize the entire war in just ten sentences and in the process redefined the war as a struggle not merely for the Union, but as “a new birth of freedom” that would bring true equality to all of its citizens.

This video with it’s clever transitions and ominous war-like mood does the speech justice.

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  1. you'rebetterthanthat

    Dear Visual News:

    I like your blog. I’ve noticed you have a habit of not always (obviously) crediting the authors of some of the work you “exhibit” here. Instead you choose to misleadingly credit the author of the post with a full paragraph of information (which, quite frankly, comes off as overindulgent). I would think the creative credit would be essential, priority information particularly when visual craft is the foundation of your site and pieces like the above are often made purely out of a passion for art (it would seem) and not as a means of commercial gain.

    How about a mention of the Artist’s name and a link to there work? It only seems fair.

  2. Paul Begala

    You have to hand it to Lincoln. It was a brilliant move, framing the Civil War as a war to free slaves versus what it really was, a war to establish an all powerful federal government bureaucracy.

    I’m quite sure if he were to come back to life and see what Hussein Obama is doing to America, he would have thrown the war and allowed the South, and thus, state’s rights, to prevail.

    I’m also quite certain that if he were to come back to life today and take a look at America’s inner-city cesspools, he would regret not following through on his plans to ship the freed slaves to Central America.

  3. Terry Romstad

    Tears still linger upon the reader’s lashes for he was so moved by the Lincoln’s prose. The images of faternal war swell my chest in the defense of the American dream by boeth Rebs and Yanks. Self-government cuts both ways to bring honor those who die for what they believe to be better. Thank you.

  4. JMP

    Thanks for this. It’s a truly excellent presentation of Lincoln’s speech. Those old words gain a new inspiration through new media.

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