Stacks of Money Turned Into 3D Carvings

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell is a man of many, varied talents: recently he has been laser cutting tall stacks of dollar bills into delicate three dimensional carvings. His piles of currency feature many of the traditional tattoo symbols we are accustom to: skulls, religious art, guns, roses. Other pieces have adeptly cut script with sayings like “Thank you, Jesus” and “The Thrill is Gone.” Only adding to the raw nature of his work: it’s technically illegal to destroy or deface currency.

If illicit art is your thing, Campbell’s show opens Saturday March 19th at the OHWOW Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Considering the medium, it seems clear that each piece will cost more than it’s “marked value.” To see his other work or to book an appointment on his very limited tattooing schedule see

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  1. Inka

    This is amazing art! I really stare these sculptures whit my mouth open! You are really good and fantastic artist, very best for you in the future!

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