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Can We Live Forever? Growing New Organs

Friday 03.11.2011 , Posted by

Have you ever wondered if we could replace old worn body parts much like you’d replace parts on your car? Well, that time is nearly here and the possibility of greatly lengthening lifespan may be just around the corner. New discoveries in the scientific community are quickly advancing the ability to not only replace organs, but grow them from a patients own unique cells. This episode from NOVA reveals some of the unusual techniques that have allowed scientists to create the structures necessary for new ears, lungs and even hearts while showing us that the day of rejected donor organs and long recovery periods may well be gone.

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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  1. Organ people don’t worn, it get older because DNA program (Apoptosis) !!!

    Mice live more or less 4 years, cats 12, dogs 16, parrots 40, humans 80, turtles 150 !!!

  2. This is why I’m glad to have been born in the late 20th century! :D

  3. I am glad to hear that we can now grow new organs. Well, I’m asian male and I have always wanted to get a higher nose but I don’t want to go under the knife by going for surgeries or stuff like that. I’m actually very desperate because of the way my nose look. Here in Asia there are a number of people who are desperate to get a taller-looking nose including myself. Anyway, I really wish that scientists will invent a ‘stem cells nose job’ so that we don’t have to go through so much pain going for surgeries. Isn’t it possible to grow your nose using stem cells too? What do you think? Anyone who is with me pls feel free to reply.

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