Anamorphic Drawings: Hidden Images Revealed

Anamorphic drawings are distorted pictures requiring the viewer to use a special, often reflective device to reconstitute the image. István Orosz is a Hungarian illustrator and a master of the technique, hand drawing his images where every straight line is a complex curve. Taking the technique as far as he could, his images contain hidden anamorphic images inside an incredibly complex picture viewable with the naked eye.

Here are additional images, with the reflective cylinder being removed.


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  1. drgsays:

    great art

  2. these are very unique and amazing concepts.

  3. These are wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing! ;D

  4. interesting and intricate … you can get these in india cheap.

  5. TheMansays:

    Brain => explodes


    I’ve never seen this concept. And I’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff on the InternetZ!

  6. Sarasays:

    CRAZY incredible. I wonder what his methods are?

  7. wow.. never seen anything like that before! very cool..

  8. cooliosays:


  9. Tylersays:

    Would like to see a video of the creation of it. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would go about making something like that.

  10. zacksays:

    wow, ive never seen a concept of drawing like this. i wouldent even know where to start.

  11. bonniesays:

    These are very interesting drawings, but are they projected with a computer? grids? how are they made? that’s what i’d like to see

  12. Kalala61says:

    truly amazing

  13. khalebaby87says:

    How is that possible???!!

  14. Hello friends,
    I could see that all of you are wondering by seeing the artworks, right???
    You will be amazed if you see the Free Hand Anamorphic Portrait art by Mr. Awtar Singh Virdi. He is a 73 years old artist from India having Guinness World Record in this technique.

  15. Nate Grovesays:

    He draws on the paper while looking in the curved mirror, that way he is only seeing the finished “effect” and doesn’t get confused or distracted by what it actually looks like (ok so I made that sound WAY easier then it is….)
    Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher both dabbled in this concept a little bit too.

  16. Cayleesays:

    Oh my god!! Amazing

  17. salahhesays:

    Kinda… useless, isn’t it…

  18. how the hell does he do that?! genius

  19. zoie swzedasays:

    this form of art is several artists work combined, i feel a resemblence between dahli,and a anamorphic view of which the great artist gaudi so commonly used around the barcalonian featured buildings . for an insight into the featured art work of Istvan Orosz take a holiday and visit the museum of fine arts in solieum del costiom Barcelona .

  20. Fantastic drawings. Please check out my ‘making of’ anamorphic installation video here…

  21. Very cool stuff.

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