The Future… One Hundred Years Ago

In 100 years, what will the world look like? Will we be driving on the surface of Mars and every pair of sunglasses include holographic movie screens? These vintage French illustrations from 1910 imagined what the world would look like in the year 2000. Some ideas, like a teacher electrically pumping knowledge into student brains, are still pretty far off in the future. Other predictions however, hit pretty close to home (check out the projector screen video phone below!). One wonders, what will our predictions look like after the next 100 years?


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  • Wow. They thought we’d be flying in blown-up models of those balsa wood, rubber-band driven, propeller planes — and grabbing drinks from waiters as we buzzed the restaurant.

  • pretty amazing stuff.

  • Mr Thompson

    Electric rollerskates…check.
    Video conferencing…check.
    Mass produced clothes…check.
    Motorized machines of war mounted with guns…check.
    Electric fireplaces (let’s hope that’s not nuclear!)…check.
    Children wearing earpieces staring blankly into space 😉 …check.

    Really very close, considering the foresight of available tech. There’s no way they could see transistors and microprocessors, but several of these vignettes look like the Internet (e.g.”pumping knowledge into student brains”) to me.

    If they missed the mark in any major area, it’s that we don’t spend nearly that much free time outside! Even the personal aircraft-voiturettes could be interpreted as experimental ultralights. Check!

  • Wonderful, these pictures of future are really interesting, especially video conferencing, Mass Clothes production, automatic hair brushes are extraordinary imagination. And the important matter is that most of the imaginations are really very close to our present situation.

  • Gabe

    lol I wish the information from books could be uploaded into my brain with headphones

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