Drawing on World Issues: These Make You Think

Using satire and colored pencil to deal with tough and poignant issues, Polish artist/cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski works with global issues like pollution, child labor and wage disparity while turning a clever and humorous eye on the situation. By taking familiar issues out of context, his works ask the observer to re-examine world issues from previously un-considered perspectives, challenging viewers to assess their part in the whole. For more of Kuczynski’s artwork or to buy prints, head to toonpool.com

Via: pondly.com

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  1. these are so cool… its hard to pick a favorite!

  2. Absolute Brilliant!!!

  3. galiasays:

    its really good and hilarious

  4. Allensays:

    Now, finally, someone who can graphically tell each one of us about the true world through art! Bravo. I enjoyed the art I seen on line.

  5. Mehsays:

    This isn’t the “world”….this is human-related stuff. What about the rest of the community of life?

  6. Whats the date of publication of creation of these images?

  7. Tonysays:


  8. My favorite painting is the politician with his mic cables draining into the sewer. How appropriate!

  9. These are all amazing and cool, great job to all the artists!!

  10. fredsays:

    Fantastic….. Poignant, brutal, shocking and…..fun!!! Glad you’re out there man!

    artist to artist

    your new fan


  11. Tristiansays:

    Its really sad the problems we have in the world….its only a matter of time before the weight of the meaning in these pictures come crashing down on us.

  12. Great humorous Impact!

  13. Wow. Love those!

  14. BEccasays:

    haha these are great!!
    I love the one where shes dusting the money (or de-armying)
    This is what I would love to do as an artist

  15. As a photographer, I really love the photography one. So amazing.

  16. Isabelsays:

    Awesome how you can say so much with no words….

  17. Jmariasays:

    I cant wait to show these to my 8th grade social studies students. Thank you!

  18. Aimee Franklinsays:

    Thank you for sharing, I want to share this page with everyone I meet. Brilliant…

  19. becasays:

    Absolutely powerful work. Really makes you think.

  20. dylansays:

    I was inspired! I was shocked! I was dumbfounded! I was informed!

    But most of all I am glad to be alive!!!!!

  21. What imagination! How inspiering!

  22. manoj nathsays:

    Beautiful indeed… a picture speaks a thousand worlds!

  23. Sweesays:

    Ugh, pretentious and preachy. Political art is like thinking you are doing some great good by reusing a plastic bag before throwing it out. Self righteous triviality.

  24. Phantastic and Brilliant Satire & Humor! I Love it!

  25. Ingenious. Like Jmaria, I can’t wait to share these with my students when it’s time to study satire.

  26. Get a rocket up ya ass. LOL

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