Drawing on World Issues: These Make You Think

Using satire and colored pencil to deal with tough and poignant issues, Polish artist/cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski works with global issues like pollution, child labor and wage disparity while turning a clever and humorous eye on the situation. By taking familiar issues out of context, his works ask the observer to re-examine world issues from previously un-considered perspectives, challenging viewers to assess their part in the whole. For more of Kuczynski’s artwork or to buy prints, head to toonpool.com

Via: pondly.com

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  1. Allen

    Now, finally, someone who can graphically tell each one of us about the true world through art! Bravo. I enjoyed the art I seen on line.

  2. Meh

    This isn’t the “world”….this is human-related stuff. What about the rest of the community of life?

  3. fred

    Fantastic….. Poignant, brutal, shocking and…..fun!!! Glad you’re out there man!

    artist to artist

    your new fan


  4. Tristian

    Its really sad the problems we have in the world….its only a matter of time before the weight of the meaning in these pictures come crashing down on us.

  5. BEcca

    haha these are great!!
    I love the one where shes dusting the money (or de-armying)
    This is what I would love to do as an artist

  6. Swee

    Ugh, pretentious and preachy. Political art is like thinking you are doing some great good by reusing a plastic bag before throwing it out. Self righteous triviality.

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