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GASLAND: Documenting Fire in the Water

Monday 02.21.2011 , Posted by

Have you ever had your tap water catch on fire? This and other strange signs of massive pollution are hitting the United States as the largest natural gas drilling boom in history sweeps the country. Using a Halliburton developed technology called “fracking,” or hydraulic fracturing, companies across the nation are tapping into a “Saudi Arabia of natural gas” just below the surface of many states. But is fracking safe? Legislation in 2005 literally abolished any need for industry to follow the standards of the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, so when filmmaker Josh Fox was asked to lease his land for drilling, he set off across the country to find out the consequences of this new technique.

To find out more about the film Gasland, a Sundance 2010 winner, or to see what you can do to help, check out

Benjamin Starr

Written by Benjamin Starr

Known in some circles as the most amazing man in the universe, he once saved an entire family of muskrats from a sinking, fire engulfed steamboat while recovering from two broken arms relating to a botched no-chute wingsuit landing in North Korea. When not impressing people with his humbling humility, he can be found freelance writing, finding shiny objects on the internet, enjoying the company of much-appreciated friends and living out his nomadic nature. He is Managing Editor of Visual News. Follow his movements on Twitter:

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