Vintage Comic Women Take Charge

Kicking butt right out of the late 1940’s, these classic adventure comics had girl power down before it was a catch phrase. Illustrated by the late Alex Schomburg, each issue featured action-packed adventures, starring such characters as Princess Pantha and Judy of the Jungle. Famed comic artist Stan Lee called Schomburg the Norman Rockwell of comic book art and admired his “cartoony” style saying “One could never be sure if Alex was an illustrator who approached his work like a cartoonist, or a cartoonist who chose to render his artwork like an illustrator.”

Hmm……. we have a doppelgänger.


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  1. M.Funkibut

    But why is Bender taking away Flash Gordon’s girlfriend in the middle of bondage fun?


    Did Flash not respect the safe word? Horrors!

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