The Stockholm Subway Takes Art Underground

Considered one of the most beautiful metro’s in Europe, the Stockholm subway system is filled with eye popping art and bright colors… a perfect cure for the proverbial Stockholm Syndrome. Each stop presents riders with a different visual feast as if they have been transported to a new magical underworld.

The metro has 100 stations of which 47 are underground. Construction of the large system began in 1941 with the last station opening in 1994. Some of the cavernous interiors where left with crude bedrock exposed, others have been tiled or even embedded with Romanesque statues. If you’ve ever visited this colorful underground land, the envious crew here at Visual News would love to hear about it!

As if that wasn’t enough visual stimulation… here’s an art piece powered by the belt on the Stockholm escalators!


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  1. Sandeep

    Stockholm subways are beautiful no doubt, but I must say the photographs make them look even more beaitiful. Things may not look so colorful and bright in real life..

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