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Kill Switch: When Governments Turn Off the Internet

Tuesday 02.08.2011 , Posted by

The recent protests, and subsequent restriction of Internet access by the Egyptian government have led to much speculation as to whether the US Government might one day exercise a similar option, which is actually not very difficult to do with a relatively small number of Internet Service Providers needed to comply with such a government order. In this Visual News Original, artist Robbie Douglas joins us again with his trusty 4b and 6b pencils, along with tortillions, colored pencils and acrylic paint, on 70 lb. drawing paper. Go here ( to see his previous piece, Mouth Zipped Shut, an editorial piece about Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Click here for a full resolution view of ‘Kill Switch’

Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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  1. Nice and very creative pencil art.

  2. Question: Great pencil artist, or Greatest pencil artist?


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