Junk Mail Portraits

What do you do with all your old junk mail? Instead of cursing it, Sandhi Schimmel Gold collects it and turns it into stunning mosaic portraits, or Schimmel Art. In combination with painting, she shreds recycled paper of different colors and shades, and uses the little scraps to make fascinating images of faces, a technique she calls Acrylic Mosaic Fusion.

“I create without waste,” she says. “I upcycle junk mail, calendars, post cards, photos, old greeting cards, tags, etc… it’s all paper waste I collect. I use only water-based, acid-free, non-toxic materials to create my work. It is completely eco-friendly. I reuse and repurpose canvas, frames, etc. whenever possible.”

These scrap paper portraits, most of which feature beautiful women, prove that eco-friendly and sustainable art can make for a sexy focal point. Check out more Schimmel Art recycled junk mail portraits below.

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