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When Reddit and NASA Footage Collide

Sunday 01.16.2011 , Posted by

NASA fan and Redditor, Reid Gower got frustrated recently with how the hugely inspirational organization has such poor public relations and media. His respose? To make an all out, goose bumps all over your body, video promoting the work of NASA and featuring the much missed voice of Carl Sagan. No, this isn’t an official NASA video… this is pure NASA love.

Quite a story has developed around this video too, spawning other remixes of NASA footage as space exploration fans attempt to create the media they want to see. We share some of those videos here.

Below: the Reid Gower video that started it all. We found it at one of the most friendly websites around… He also cut the high energy remix at the top of this post.

An jump for joy video created by Reddit user epicause.

This one was created by Reddit user ShitTheBedWinAPrize… we’d prefer to give him a prize for his video.

The next four videos, although not created by Redditor’s, are fun NASA mash-ups we thought were inspiring and entertaining.

A Mash-up of archived audio from Apollo 15 and other NASA missions created by Emily McAllister. Be sure to check out her fun and quirky work at

They were trying in 1981… this NASA campain ran on Pitsburg TV and youtube user regough was so excited he filmed it off the screen.

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