Floating Dream Worlds: Utopian and Haunting

Interested in concept-art, graphic novels and animated movies from a young age, Saint-Petersburg based artist Alex Andreyev makes dreamlike paintings both nightmarish and utopian. Interestingly he has used everything from traditional ink and paint to Photoshop and managed to keep his style consistent along the way. This is possible, he says, by limiting his digital tools to a simple set of brushes.

Order prints or see his prolific work at alexandreev.com

Source: beautifullife.info

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  1. Magnificent art works! i especially like the pieces with figures in them.

  2. wow… amazing work! Its hard to pick a favorite!

  3. jim bodensays:

    i think he is plagerising my dreams, albeit those that come to me after a bad night of Avatar and Aquivit

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