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Typoe’s Confetti Death

Saturday 01.01.2011 , Posted by

Cast in two worlds, both a skillful, anonymous graffiti artist and a famous fine artist, Typoe manages to perform a perfect balancing act between rebel and refined. Hailing from Miami, his latest work, Confetti Death, features a levatating skull forcefully puking out shards of spray can tops onto a wall. The contrast of dayglo color against the white wall and skull is striking. Typoe’s other work emphasizes both religion and violence, often combining objects of peace with those of war.

For more on Typoe’s graffiti and fine art check out his flikr photostream.

Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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  1. That piece with the black spray can and those colorful sharp sticks is not my work. The others are.


  2. We removed the image. Thanks for the heads up.

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