Human Eagles and Mask Fashion

by Danielle DeFoe

Danielle DeFoe is a Los Angeles-based fashion photographer with a penchant for dramatically vibrant imagery. Her portfolio includes portraits of women in eclectic outfits (or bold lingerie) in thought-provoking, sometimes bizarre, poses and scenarios. As beautifuldecay put it, she “adores mask fashion and semi awkward teens.”

She says she is inspired by “music, art, history, literature, fashion, and travel,” and by the “ambitious and brilliant minds” she surrounds herself with.

“I am constantly learning, researching, and challenging myself to acquire new talents and do things that intimidate me. I like a good challenge. I believe that if you are constantly reaching for the dream that one day you will realize you have become the dream. I have the words ‘manifest destiny’ tattooed down my ribs.”

Check out the rest of Danielle’s portfolio.


Bianca Bartz is a freelance writer and editor based on Vancouver Island. She's a lover of written words, addicted to the interwebs and an aspiring photographer. She is fluent in English and German and considers herself a modern nomad, traveling whenever possible and using the Internet to stay connected and work virtually.

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