BMW Burns Their Logo into Viewers Eyes

With a flash, the BMW company has come up with a novel new advertising technique that literally burns their logo into the viewers’ eyes. Locating a flash unit behind a movie projection screen, their logo is brightly flashed onto the screen near the end of this motorcycle ad. Viewers only experience a quick unidentifiable flash, but when the ad finishes and viewers are instructed to close there eyes, the logo appears in their vision… and slowly fades away.

Using the same effect as briefly looking at the sun or a camera flash, the way the effect works is simple. The way it effects the unsuspecting audience, however, really leaves a mark.
The ad features Ruben Xaus, Superbike World Vice Champion.


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  1. Lourdes

    Cool use of the after image effect, but I have sensitive eyes, far more than others, and this seems like it would feel like a spike in my head.

    Beyond that, what happens when/if this goes mainstream? How many of these flashes will we have to sit through, throughout a film and what kind of long term effect on the retina are we looking at…(no pun intended).

    And the thought of these going off steering your thought process over the course of a say action flick, smacks of subliminal advertising that was banned for a reason.

    Just sayin 😉

  2. ConcernedConsumer

    isnt this kind of advertising highly untested & potentially dangerous?
    im surprised that a company like BMW would be willing to test this on consumers
    i think some kind of organisation like the UN needs to regulate these multinational companies, so that in 1,5,or 20 years we dont have scores of people with visual impairments simply because companies like this are clearly not concerned with ethics

  3. BMW Logo burns

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  4. Tobias Bray

    BMW is a brand known the world over and the logo can be recalled by most people who a) own or b) want to own a BMW product. So why the fuss? It’s a very cool trick, but it’s not going to move the needle on sales. This falls into the category of Budweiser and Miller advertisements except is has a cool look what we did factor vs. silly brand shepherding.

  5. Demolishun

    Subliminal advertising is still used and has been very successful at teaching people to do stupid things. Hence our current economic crisis. On a more sinister note it has also been successful at teaching people that socialism is a good thing. It is just not the same kind of subliminal messaging that was banned. It is in your face in the media all the time so that we don’t even consciously notice it anymore.

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