Inside the Mind of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange (Infographic)

As the story develops on a daily basis, we now see giant companies either granting or (more often) withholding support for Julian Assange. It is remarkable to think about how dependent we are on a small handful of companies to be able to send/receive and deposit/withdraw money, and how simple it is for a company or individual to be frozen out of the system, whether via government pressure or from a PR-driven desire to avoid controversy (perhaps rightly so, depending on which side of the fence you are on). Whether you love him or hate him or sit somewhere in between, this is a monumental event, with implications for the security of people around the world, the rights of journalists, the relationships among governments and for the freedom of speech as we think we know it. For more insight into some of the foundational thinking that led to this martyr/hero/villain/freedom-fighter, you might enjoy the archive of his old blog (at least until it is deleted from the Internet). We decided to take our best crack at figuring out how his head has been wired. Click the image below or here to view the full-sized graphic.

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