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Manly Vintage Sweaters Inspired By Classic Cars

Thursday 12.02.2010 , Posted by

Featuring leather pants, a banjo and a picnic, this vintage sampling of swinging sweaters couldn’t be better. Originally from the 1972 book Sweaters for Men To Crochet and Knit, each design is named after an iconic car of the day. We’ve included a picture of each pullover, cardigan or vest with its namesake vehicle… that should get your stylish wheels spinning!

Fury Pullover

1972 Plymouth Fury

Roadrunner lace-up pullover

1972 Plymouth Roadrunner

Nova pullover with scarf and leather belt

1972 Chevy Nova Rally Edition

Maverick vest

1972 Ford Maverick

Continental cardigan & Grand Prix pullover with leather pants

1971 Lincoln Continental

1972 Pontiac Grand Prix

Couger pullover

1971 Mercury Couger

Vega pullover

1973 Chevy Vega GT

Source: Doe-c-doe

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