Classic 1980’s McDonald’s Commercials

Feeling hungry? These classic McDonald’s commercials from the 80s remind us of a time when the food was fast, the burgers were cheesy and the commercials were… cheesier. Good time, great taste… McDonald’s?

Written by Benjamin Starr & Paul Caridad

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  1. GCComics

    2nd to last one can’t be from the 80’s. McDonalds was sued by Syd & Marty Kroftt for copying MAYOR MCCHEESE from their H.R. PUFFNSTUFF character. They won and you wouldn’t have been able to see the Mayor past 1977.

  2. Victoria

    @GCComics: But Mary Lou Retton wasn’t even born until 1968 and so if this was in ’77 or before she would be under ten years old which she clearly isn’t?


  3. Lana

    The 2nd to last one HAD to have been in the 80’s – I was born at the end of `79 and I remember Mayor McCheese!

  4. David Rivas

    My brother did a commercial for McDonald’s in the mid 80’s on poolside safety . We’ve looked everywhere for it and can’t find it. The McDonald’s spokesperson we contacted says the commercial was made with a contracted company but they didn’t have record of the company. Can anyone help us with any leads please? Our copies were lost when some burglarized our home years back. Any leads are deeply appreciated!

  5. Yvonne

    I keep looking for a McDonald’s Commercial they did in the 80s where kids were on a bus singing a song. Breakfast by the hand?

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