David Kramer Remixes the Good Life

With bitterly sarcastic and ironic spin, artist David Kramer re-envisions 70’s advertising, giving it a possibly more realistic, certainly more entertaining glass-half full message. An artist from New York, his watercolors have been well received at galleries in the United States, Canada and Europe… proving that people are more than ready for a little humor and straight talk about the American Dream.

For more on David Kramer’s drawings, paintings and videos seeĀ kramer.aeroplastics.net or his blog Toothless Alcoholic

Source: escapeintolife.com

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  1. Mandy Al-Aswad

    To whom it may concern,
    I am the owner of escapeintolife.com and I wanted to reach out to you regarding a couple of posts on your site. First of all, thank you very much for reading our site and using our content on your site. However, would you mind providing a more formal and clear acknowledgment of the artist and our site in the future. I just want to make sure the artists and my writers are getting properly sited.
    For example,
    View original post here:
    Arina Gordienko | Escape Into Life (hyper linked).

    Thanks again and please let me know if you have any questions.
    Mandy Al-Aswad

  2. Jason Lankow

    Hi Mandy, we are sorry for the mixup and thank you for your message, we will ensure that you and other artists are cited more clearly as one of the purposes of our site is to emphasize and bring exposure to the original artists.

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