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Good Robot, Bad Robot. The Creepy BLINKY Teaser

Monday 11.22.2010 , Posted by

“I know what I want for Christmas! I’ll never get sick of it.” A young boy receives his perfect Christmas gift in Ruairi Robinson’s (pronounced Raw-ree) creepy upcoming sci-fi film, Blinky. The film, starring Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are), is based around a future where every home has a robot helper and no one has to worry because their kids are “perfectly safe.” With his perpetual smile, Blinky looks like the perfect psychopathic nightmare for the 21st century.

Robinson, a commercial advertising director and animator, is the creator of the academy nominated animated film Fifty Percent Grey, and the critically acclaimed short film The Silent City, which we’ve included for your enjoyment at the bottom of this page.

This original Blinky test animation was made about a year ago when the film was still under the working title ‘Bad Robot.’

Robinson’s short film The Silent City, from 2007. Starring Cillian Murphy, of 28 Days Later and Batman Begins fame, as well as Don Wycherly, Garvan McGrath and… something else. For more on the creepy, creative and often loony world of Ruairi Robinson, check out or follow his twitter updates via @ruairirobinson.

Source: Mike Hedge
Written by Benjamin Starr & Paul Caridad

Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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