The Whimsical Illustrations of Christina Tsevis

Today we bring you a sampling of the wonderful, whimsical world of illustration as created by Christina Tsevis, AKA crosti. Based in Athens, Greece, Christina is a freelance visual artist who draws her inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences ranging from love lost, to pop music, to cultural traditions, to Spanish poetry. While on the surface her work often appears light-hearted, it is often bittersweet, drawing the viewer in and provoking insightful thought. We feel very honored to feature such a talented individuals work.

Our man Paul met up briefly with Christina via skype for a quick, on-the-fly interview about the illustrations below and posted it on his personal video blog. Paul has known Christina’s brother for a number of years and we’ve posted in the past about his amazing Neofuturistic Vector illustrations.

The illustration below was inspired by the video to the Gnarls Barkley song “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

The picture below was inspired by an August trip to a lake near Athens. Christina lay on a rock watching a meteor shower while friends played music.

The picture below “was inspired by the band Archive, which is a Uk/Paris based band. They are really big in Greece and have this song which is called Again, which is very sad. The line which is featured in the picture is a line from that song. One night, I listened to it while I was on the subway alone and it inpired me to make an illustration of the moment.” – Christina

Christina says: “There is this very cute stray cat in my neighborhood that always follows me and my dog around and wants to play. She’s really funny and really cute and we’ve named her a really horrible Greek name. It means “the one who boils” Because she makes that noise when she’s happy and cuddly.”

A tribute to Christina’s dog kelly which she got when she was only 14 and recently passed away in August; the illustration below is titled “Kelly Watch the Stars,” after a song by the band Air. Christina always thought of the song as Kelly’s.

Source: Christina Tsevis
Written by Benjamin Starr & Paul Caridad

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